Reimagining Gluten-Free Bread: Infusing Flavor, Texture, and Delight

We have developed a pioneering method to craft gluten-safe bread and baked goods. The authentic taste of traditional bread primarily comes from its wheat flour base, which is responsible for rich flavours, satisfying textures, and a delightful aroma. These qualities have solidified bread's position as a beloved staple worldwide. However, this is precisely what has been missing in gluten-free alternatives. The first experience with gluten-free bread often leaves much to be desired - lacking in flavour, texture, and overall enjoyment. Recognising this shortfall, we are committed to revolutionising the gluten-free bread experience, ensuring it is not just safe but also delicious.

The Dark Side of Gluten…

Gluten-free products are crucial for addressing the dietary needs of individuals with celiac disease, a severe autoimmune disorder where ingestion of gluten leads to damage in the small intestine. Additionally, gluten-free products benefit those with non-celiac gluten sensitivity, a condition where gluten consumption causes discomfort without the autoimmune response. These products also cater to people following a gluten-free diet for other health reasons, such as reducing symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Beyond medical needs, gluten-free products offer diverse dietary options for people exploring different health and wellness lifestyles. Parts of gliadin have been identified as the problematic component, yet it is essential to acknowledge the beneficial aspects of wheat that have historically made it a vital ingredient in baking and bread-making.

Setting the standard in gluten-free technology

The current method of producing gluten-free bread…

involves avoiding cereals containing gluten proteins to ensure their absence in the final product. This process typically substitutes traditional ingredients with an extensive and often unfamiliar list of components, including various additives. The result is a product that is, frankly, disappointing in both taste and price—gluten-free options are frequently two to three times more expensive than their conventional counterparts. This price hike is partly due to the non-local sourcing of these unique ingredients, which are often transported from across the globe, thereby increasing the carbon footprint of each gluten-free loaf. Recognising these challenges, we are dedicated to developing a more sustainable and palatable approach to gluten-free bread-making, aiming to create bread that is not only safe but also delightful for everyone.

Utilising advanced biotechnology to neutralise the problematic proteins

Embracing a novel strategy that utilises specialised enzymes, we focus on neutralising only the toxic parts of gluten—the primary ones located in gliadin components. This revolutionary method will preserve the valuable attributes of wheat flour essential for baking bread, such as its taste, aroma, and texture while eliminating the health risks associated with gluten. We envision bringing new standards to the baking industry by introducing our Gluten-Safe technology.

Gluten-safe bread will retain all the desired qualities of traditional bread without the need for artificial or unhealthy additives. Committed to sustainability, our process predominantly uses locally sourced wheat, aligning with our net-zero objectives and supporting cherished local baking traditions. By doing so, we are redefining gluten-free bread and baked products, restoring their delectable taste, inviting aroma, and satisfying texture, and making every gluten-free sandwich a delightful experience.

What we deliver

  • Delicious gluten-free bread
  • Great texture and flavour
  • Healthier - reduced additives
  • Environmentally positive
  • Simpler baking process
  • Supporting the local economy

Setting the standard in gluten-free technology