Putting the flavour, texture and bite into gluten-free bread

A revolutionary way to produce gluten-free wheat flour that can transform the taste and quality of g-f bread and g-f baked products. One of the reasons why traditional bread tastes so good is that it is based on wheat-flour or a similar cereal. These are amazing ingredients for bread-making and baking, providing a lot of the taste, texture, smell and deliciouness that we all love.Its part of the reason why bread is a staple food all around the globe. Sadly, thats also why we cried when we tasted gluten-free bread for the first time, because it was free of all these things too—no deliciouness, no taste and the texture can only be described as… unpleasant. So we thought we should try to change this.

The dark side of Gluten…

A significant proportion of the UK population buy gluten-free products every week as part of their regular healthy lifestyle or because of serious health concerns such as the 13 million people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Its believed 1% or more of the UK population have coeliacs disease—a potentially life threatening condition. These, and other health conditions, are caused or linked to a particular type of gluten protein named gliadin that is present in wheat, barley and other cereals. Gliadin is the BAD GUY, but there are many other properties to wheat which made it such an indispensable ingredient for baking and bread-making.

Setting the standard in gluten-free technology

The current approach to gluten-free bread…

Is to eliminate all cereal ingredients that contain any gluten proteins at all, to ensure there is no gliadin in the final baked product. Those cereals are replaced with a long exotic list of ingredients as well as many chemicals that when baked, are well—just sad. If you don’t cry when you taste them, you’ll cry when you see the price as current gluten-free products are often 2 or 3 times the price of traditional bread. This is partly because many of those exotic ingredients are not local crops and are shipped in from around the world, adding a further bad taste in the form of a large carbon footprint in your gluten-free sandwich. We thought there must be a better way to do this. An approach where we can have delicious bread that is safe for everyone to enjoy.

Our unique approach -target the Bad Guy- Gliadin

We use naturally occurring microbes and enzymes to specifically target and degrade gliadin (and some other gluten proteins) in wheat flour. This allows us to retain the many other beneficial and cherished properties of wheat flour for baking bread, but removes the health concerns associated with the gliadin gluten protein(s). We can then have healthy gluten-free bread that has all the familiar taste, aroma and texture that we all love, and without using a whole range of artificial and unhealthy additives. Our approach is particularly tailored towards using locally grown wheat and other cereals to further support our net-zero goals. It also supports that great tradition of bakers using the best local ingredients,to make mouth-watering, delicious fresh bread. Our approach can transform the taste, aroma and enjoyment of the current range of gluten-free bread and baked products, putting the taste, flavour and bite back into a gluten-free sandwich.

What we deliver

  • Delicious gluten-free bread
  • Great texture and flavour
  • Healthier - reduced additives
  • Environmentally positive
  • Simpler baking process
  • Supporting the local economy

Setting the standard in gluten-free technology