Introducing the team

  • By Prozymi Biolabs
  • 11 Mar, 2021
Introducing the team

We are building a world class team of scientists, experienced entrepreneurs and business people to grow our company into the leading provider of biotech. innovation in gluten-free food production.

Dr. Ioannis Stasinopoulos (co-founder) has a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Edinburgh. He has an excellent and broad knowledge of molecular biology and analytical chemistry techniques having previously researched various topics including fungi development and animal physiology. Ioannis has taken part in various competitions and grant applications in developing Prozymi Biolabs and has also secured research funding for academic projects. He combines his love of baking, biotechnology, and entrepreneurial skills in his role at the company. Based in Edinburgh, he plays a key role over-seeing day-to-day developments at the Company on both technical and business matters.

Dr. Andreas Andreou (co-founder) is a synthetic biologist with expertise in DNA technologies, plant-based expression and protein production. It was Andreas' love of baking and experimenting with sourdough that initiated this opportunity, when he first encountered the tasteless and expensive gluten-free bread available at that time. He was so shocked how poor gluten-free bread was, and horrified at how expensive it also was that he set out to use his and Ioannis knowledge to make something better. Andreas has first hand experience working in a venture funded start-up company and driving projects to successful outcomes. Andreas has always had an entrepreneurial zeal, and through his time in academic research and industry has received multiple awards and funding. He leadership and communication skills have been enhanced during his military service in the Cypriot army where he served as a commanding officer.

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